Helping Tech Organisations Execute at Speed

Your ability to execute at speed is a direct result of how you work together

Speed of change in the tech industry is faster than ever.

We are hearing that we need to go faster, but we’re already going as fast as we can, something has to give. ​​​

We find tech companies are all struggling with the following same challenges

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How we do it

Our team development system is framed around five logical stages. Using a carefully curated selection of powerful tools for each stage, we provide organisations and team members with the skills and behavioural habits they need to build sustainable and unstoppable momentum.​​

We combine our own IP including the Team Speed Check with accredited solutions such as Beaconforce, the Five Behaviors® Methodology  and DiSC® to deliver a unique, game changing way of working for teams.

We unlock great team experience, we call this TeamX™, by utilising the Five Behaviors® which is built on a foundation of trust. 

Working within your business context means everything we do is practical and pragmatic and can be easily applied to every day.

Even if teams are at optimal health, great culture is fragile.

It needs to be constantly top of mind.

Everyone needs to care about it, every day.

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Why work with us

The Importance of a Great Team Experience

We believe great TeamX™ not only propels the business forward but helps people enjoy work, feel fulfilled, and be able to make a difference quickly.  

You know what great TeamX™ feels like when:    

  • you know recognition will go where it should go
  • when you’re frazzled, teammates offer their help without hesitation
  • you can’t imagine working anywhere else
  • other people in your company want to join your team
  • you know, together, you can overcome anything ​​

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Build Team of Teams

The good news is there is a simple, practical and pragmatic approach to make this magic happen. And by the way, we can measure it!  

Our innovative Speed Check measures how effective teams are performing, providing a before and after measurement that can be compared to industry best practice. 

Industry recognition

Authorised partner of the Five Behaviors logo

“Competitive advantage is not just built by superior technology or better processes. Ultimately, it’s built by people. Vicky has a long history of successfully building and leading teams to work in concert to that goal.”

Paul Wiefels, Managing Director & Co-Founder, Chasm Group LLC

“With a straight forward approach, Vicky has a reputation for making things happen with a no-nonsense attitude. Never afraid to speak out and speak up to get the job done.”

Scott Herren, CFO at Cisco

“I’ve always been a fan of yours Vicky and now the Amplified Group”

Mark Templeton, Former CEO at Citrix