Let’s Talk Accountability – Part of the 5B’s

Let's Talk Accountability - Part of the 5B's

Introducing the fourth element of the Five Behaviors® – Accountability.

When everyone is committed to a clear plan of action, they will be more willing to hold one another accountable.

When individuals know they are going to be held accountable, they are much more likely to deliver on their commitment.

Building on the foundation of trust, where work is a safe place to escalate challenges before they impact deadlines, combined with such clarity of commitment, through productive conflict, there is absolutely no wriggle room to not meet the agreed goals.

This all means employees can experience job fulfilment.

We all spend so much time in work, who doesn’t want to know what they are doing is impactful?

Let’s Talk Accountability – Part of the 5B’s

“Failing to hold someone accountable is ultimately an act of selfishness.”

– Patrick Lencioni

Five Ways to be Accountable

  1. Publicly share priorities and goals
  2. Have more efficient and productive meetings
  3. Follow through on personal commitments
  4. Give one another direct, honest feedback
  5. Address missed deadlines immediately

Check out our video on Patrick Lencioni’s Five Behaviors of a cohesive team.

Find out more about the Five Behaviours here.

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