Andy Bacon


Andy Bacon is a marketing graduate and Fellow of the Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing (IDM) and founder of Tech B2B marcoms agency DDM Ltd. Supporting numerous global IT brands in Networking, Virtualisation, Security and Storage.

Andy has a unique blend of hands-on strategic sales and marketing experience. At the forefront of ABM, his work was cited as a best practice by leading tech analysts Sirius Decisions as an EMEA Programme of the Year.

Andy now provides independent ABM consultancy and mentoring to enterprise clients across a wide range of verticals, either direct or through agencies.

“In my experience the success of any ABM strategy relies on team alignment, as accredited partners of  The Five Behaviours of a Team™, I can certainly endorse the skills of the Amplified Group to unite teams”

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There is a catalyst to sales and marketing alignment (

In this episode the team discuss with Andy the challenges when sales and marketing are not aligned. Andy shares how account based marketing (ABM) can be a catalyst to unite them as one team.

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