Announcing our partnership with Beaconforce – A Game Changing Employee Engagement App

Announcing our partnership with Beaconforce - A Game Changing App for employee engagement

Announcing our partnership with Beaconforce, a game changing employee engagement app providing real-time data on how employees are feeling with respect to work.

This couldn’t come at a better time for organisations across Europe. As we experience stricter social distancing measures, including a four-week lockdown in the UK, feelings of isolation will deepen for many people forced to work from home or face job uncertainty.

Coupled with the impact of less, rather than more social contact with people in the ramp up to the festive season, organisations need to understand how they can help their employees remain strong individually and as teams motivated to deliver.

Beaconforce informs and equips leaders with the detail needed to understand where resources should be invested to make the biggest difference. Every day. To everyone.

Amplified Group empowers leaders and teams with the knowledge, skills and techniques that help address areas of concern and to unite teams as one, despite their physical location. Together they help organisations build intrinsic motivation and high trust cultures which in turn translates in to high performance sustainable business.

So, how does it work?

Beaconforce helps you virtually walk the floors to understand how your employees are feeling about work. Users interact with the platform every day to build their own individual dashboards. It then gives them, their managers and leaders access to real-time data on themselves and their people at any time. Within a matter of weeks of implementation, you will know who is feeling ‘in the zone’, on their ‘A’ game, challenged,  stressed or bored.

It doesn’t rely solely on Line Managers who, whilst integral to managing the wellbeing of individuals and the cohesion of the team, are facing the same challenges. Similarly, it doesn’t restrict organisations to the annual cycle of their engagement survey results to understand, for example, how the COVID 19 pandemic has, and continues to affect their employees.

Beaconforce integrates machine learning to eliminate bias and survey fatigue, actionable solutions, and data visualization for all stakeholders who seek ongoing improvement, collaboration, and an environment powered by intrinsic motivation.

About our partnership

Speaking about the partnership, Vicky Reddington co-founder of the Amplified Group says:

“Together, Amplified Group and Beaconforce are uniting to enable forward thinking organisations to gain actionable, real-time workforce insights, increase intrinsic motivation, build trust and improve performance. At the Amplified Group we have a wealth of experience in helping Tech organisations to create cohesive, productive teams and high trust cultures. Together with Beaconforce, we’ll create work environments that allow people to be the best versions of themselves and transform talented individuals into extraordinary teams.”

Luca Rosetti, CEO of Beaconforce says;

“After helping world-class clients, such as Unilever, PwC and Toyota achieve great results, Beaconforce is extending its reach in partnership with Amplified Group. Together we look forward to creating work environments that allow people to be the best versions of themselves and transform talented individuals into extraordinary teams.”

Amplified Group and Beaconforce have a shared goal to help organisations create environments that allow their people be the best version of themselves. From as little as the equivalent of a cup of coffee per user, per month you can understand your employees better than you ever have before, and in a matter of weeks.

Contact us to learn more or to request a demo.

Further information: Real-Time Health Status – Amplified Group

Listen to the podcast: Your Virtual Floor Walk – The Game Changing App for Employee Engagement (

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