Building a Powerhouse Sales Team

How Dynatrace Build Powerhouse Sales Teams with Andy Wills, EMEA Sales Enablement Director

When a business has all the ingredients to be successful, what will supercharge it to drive sustainable growth? Our clients say it the best.


Not only are we incredibly proud of the results we unlock for our clients – but also on how we partner with them to bring their vision to life.

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During the conversation, Andy tells us when a business has all the ingredients to be successful it is the people that will make the difference, yet businesses very often neglect to invest in leadership skills.

We dissect the art of leadership, where management is not merely about oversight but about vision. Listen to tales of inspiring teams to rally behind a common goal, the transition from sales leadership to enablement, and the joy of crafting a culture where leaders breed more leaders. The Dynatrace story will leave you itching to redefine your own approach to leadership and team motivation.

To cap things off, we get a peek into the framework that moulds sales leaders at Dynatrace. It’s a thrilling insight into the company’s nine-month leadership curriculum, now going global, that does more than just impart skills—it instils a way of being that’s synonymous with the company’s forward march.

We hear about the program’s inception and the collaborative spirit that drives organizational growth. It’s a masterclass in nurturing your most valuable assets—your people—and preparing them to conquer the tech world’s ever-evolving landscape.

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