Rainbow Thinking utilising DiSC

Rainbow Thinking utilising DiSC

Guest blog by Tim Hearn, Skylark Development and Amplifier.
A series of blogs to try and capture some of the useful aspects of DiSC® and anecdotes which may help sales leaders to think about how they harness the talent within their teams, quickly.

The Leaders Council Podcast

The Leaders Council Podcast with Vicky Reddington

The Leaders Council Podcast – In Conversation with Vicky Reddington, Co-founder of Amplified Group Welcome to the Podcast Scott Challinor welcomes our co-founder Vicky Reddington on to the Leaders Council…
fake it til you make it?

Should you “Fake it ‘til you make it?”

Great question! This was just one of the brilliant questions at the Association for Project Management event yesterday following our founder, Vicky Reddington‘s presentation on ‘Turning Imposter Syndrome into my Super…