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Building the Skills Bridge – Cisco Podcast Episode 10: Be a Role Model

Building the Skills Bridge Cisco Podcast

We’re excited to share a brand new podcast from Cisco “Building The Skills Bridge” produced in partnership with the women of Cisco. 

Amplified Group co-founder, Vicky Reddington, was humbled to be invited on episode 10: Be a Role Model with Rhiannon and Katarzyna Sotek, Global Partnerships Manager at Thought Machine. They discuss whether you need to be a certain age to be a role model, the vitality of reverse mentoring, and how to approach someone to be your mentor.

Listen to the podcast here

​​The podcast is part of a wider initiative by Cisco to help build the critical soft skills in the STEM industry. Each episode delves into the ins and outs of soft skills and how they can help take your career to the next level. Hear from some of the best and brightest who have successfully navigated their career in the STEM industry.  

At the end of this episode, Cisco CTO UKI Chintan Patel shares how positive role models can help boost your motivation and inspire you in your career.​

About “Building The Skills Bridge” Cisco Podcast

Building The Skills Bridge is a new Cisco podcast delving into the ins and outs of soft skills and how they can take our career to the next level. These are all soft skills, which 92% of hiring managers now look for. What are they, and how can they help you develop in your career?

You can find all the episodes here: Stream Cisco Podcast Network | Listen to Building The Skills Bridge playlist online for free on SoundCloud

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