Introducing Commitment – Part of the 5B’s

Introducing Commitment - Part of the 5B's

If you ‘weigh-in’ to ‘buy-in’ you are much more likely to commit to a decision.

Introducing Commitment, part of the 5B’s, The Five Behaviors® of a Team.

“Commitment is a function of two things: clarity and buy-in”

-Patrick Lencioni

It’s important that you are able to contribute, that your opinion has been listened to and considered.

Being ‘told’ what to do without understanding ‘why’ is no longer deemed acceptable and creates undercurrents of frustration and lost productivity in any workforce.  Do you have input into decision making?

Introducing Commitment – Part of the 5B’s

If you lead a team, here’s five simple steps to help gain commitment:

  1. Ensure the team is clear about its priorities
  2. Make the effort to periodically review and revise commitments
  3. End meetings with clear and specific resolutions
  4. Understand that “commitment” does not mean “consensus”
  5. Give everyone the opportunity to be and feel heard


Further Learning

Check out our video on Patrick Lencioni’s Five Behaviors of a cohesive team.


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