Congratulations to our first Amplified TeamX Ambassador

TeamX Ambassador Logo Jamie McDonnellWe are excited to announce Jamie McDonnell, Customer Success Regional Manager, at Okta has achieved our Amplified TeamX™ Ambassador award. 

Great team experience – TeamX™ – not only propels the business forward but helps people enjoy work, feel fulfilled, and be able to make a difference quickly.  

TeamX Ambassadors embody the best of what it means to lead a team – they are humble, kind, nurturing, and continually learning.  They create the team environment where team members flourish and grow.  

We could not be more proud of them and the example they set for others. They help carry on the great culture of their company and remind us all what it means to be part of something special. 

This award is given to exceptional team player leaders who live and breathe the values of what it means to lead an unstoppable team. Congratulations to our first Amplified TeamX Ambassador!

We were delighted to present the award to Jamie on our Get Amplified podcast: ​Stepping up – Getting it right from the start.

Moving from an individual contributor to manager role is one of the biggest changes we experience in our career.  Jamie, part of the EMEA Customer Success team, shares his experience of the step up. We hear about the comprehensive onboarding program that the Customer Success team have implemented to set all their new hires up for success.

This podcast is packed full of practical practices that all of the CS team embrace with extraordinary results.

Topics include:

  • Journey from individual contributor to manager
  • Hiring the right people
  • Setting new team members up for success
  • Importance of accountability
  • Introducing our first TeamX Ambassador

Congratulations Jamie on becoming our first Amplified TeamX Ambassador!  

You can read more about what TeamX means here

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