Customer Success Story – a woohoo moment

Customer Success Story - a woohoo momentAt the Amplified Group we love our Customer Success ‘’woohoo’’ moments.

Recently, we had another big ‘woohoo’ moment.  We are delighted to share our latest case study with Avanite Ltd.


Their achievements as a group of great individuals who reached their true potential as an extraordinary team, making them into hero’s.

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Avanite CEO Peter Jones commented,

“Uniting our Leadership Team was our first goal, we then aligned on our common purpose and gained absolute clarity on our business priorities. Utilising the Five Behaviors™ of a Cohesive Team methodology has been instrumental in us doubling our pipeline in a very short time”

Story Overview

Due to exponential growth in web data, and cookie management, Avanite, the experts in managing web data, are well placed for accelerated growth. This already rapidly growing software company based in the North West of the UK, recognised they needed to optimise their team to take advantage of the growing market opportunity.


  • Increased team productivity by 83%
  • Doubled the sales pipeline
  • Met board expectations
  • Optimised the leadership team to take advantage of the growing market opportunity


With different dynamics and priorities in the Senior Leadership Team, it was clear the team could optimise the way they worked together. This combined with the pace of the tech industry meant time was of the essence for Avanite’s leadership team. They needed to make informed decisions more quickly, ensure the entire organisation was behind the decision and then, all move in the same direction.

The Solution

Challenges were uncovered through interviews and team assessment, leading to a customised programme tailored specifically for Avanite. This started by helping the leadership team understand their different working styles and how they could work more effectively together, dramatically increasing their productivity.

The implementation of the Five Behaviors™ methodology, provided the team with a pragmatic approach and common language to shape how they worked together. By creating a process that built trust, encouraged positive conflict around ideas and commitment to decisions, the team were able to hold each other accountable and focus on achieving collective results.

“I engaged the Amplified Group to improve unity and alignment in the leadership team. To cascade this throughout the organisation and improve results and the expected return for the investors”

– Keith Turnbull – Chairman at Avanite Ltd

The Results

The results have been evident in greater collaboration in the leadership team which is now resonating throughout the organisation. The business impact is clear in the increased productivity and the doubling of opportunity pipeline very quickly as a result.

Amplified Group are even more pleased to learn that that pipeline has turned into business.

Great work Avanite! 

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