Customer Success Story with Leading University Hospital

We’re absolutely delighted to be able to share our customer success story with a leading UK University hospital.

We were able to help the team come together to identify and overcome what was holding them back.

As a result, they have increased their productivity in excess of 60%, measured by their increase in invoicing. This was in just six months, now that’s what I call job fulfilment!

Customer Success Story with Leading University Hospital. Click here to read the full case study.

“I can feel the difference in the team, which has already resulted in a proven productivity increase of over 60%.  We are now going from strength to strength!”

-Professor of a leading university hospital in the UK 

The Challenge

This newly merged team needed to understand each other’s roles and work together towards a common goal. Also, the team needed to be more productive and commercially aware and find out what was holding them back.

The Solution

The Amplified Group initially worked with the team lead to define measurable results. Guidance was then delivered to the extended team over a six-month period. Including assessments, two days of workshops and follow up coaching.

Everything DISC© and the Five Behaviors methodologies were applied to the team’s challenges, with a laser focus on the agreed measurable results.


  • Improved collaboration and increased productivity.
  • A mutual understanding and focus on team goals with clarity on roles and responsibilities.
  • The backlog identified went from a concerning unknown quantity, to SCOPED AND CLEARED.
  • In excess of 60% INCREASE in invoicing.
  • Reliant on research funding, this team became more independent and were able move from 20% to 80% SELF-FUNDED – in just six months.

“Before we worked with the Amplified Group we were working in ‘artificial harmony’, I was surprised to see how much impact they had in such a short time.”

– Professor university hospital

Recognising and embracing external help is a demonstration of this leader’s strength. Becoming the hero and leading by example and empowering their team to achieve made this a true success story.

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Learn more about the Five Behaviors of a Team in Vicky’s intro video

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