Digital Transformation is a People Problem – Presenting at Startup Nation Amsterdam

Start Up Nation Amsterdam Event

Presenting at Startup Nation Amsterdam – Digital Transformation is a People Problem

Amplified Group introduced a slightly new concept on Wednesday evening (26th June) at Startup Nation Amsterdam which got a lot of interest.

Here is a summary of the meetup

Digital Transformation is a People Problem – Presenting at Startup Nation Amsterdam “How to build successful teams in a global digital world and use diversity to gain your competitive advantage.”

We wanted to highlight that it’s not the tech that’s important – it’s the people who inspire it and need to unite to make it a success.

The digital, data-driven world we live in forces us to think about problems in different ways and in multidimensional terms.

It touches technology, business, organizations, and operational models, but mostly it’s about people and how we understand, analyze, act, react, make plans and execute them in this ever-changing landscape of technology and the world of IT.  This is true for the people who are driving the transformation and the ones who are being affected by it.

If this topic is of interest, you might like our Get Amplified podcast with Paul Wiefels, Co-founder of Chasm Group

Podcast episode: “Tech competition is time-based: Why alignment and purpose are critical.” Paul Wiefels Co-founder Chasm Group (

Paul shares how there is such little difference between technology offerings from tech companies in the same category and how aligning and motivating the troops is the key to success. In a nutshell it is all about Speed to Market. This is a not to be missed episode.

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