Get Amplified Top 10 Episodes

Get Amplified Top 10 Episodes List

The Get Amplified podcast launched four years ago. With 13,000 downloads across 79 episodes, we love sharing stories from inspiring tech industry leaders.

Here’s the Get Amplified top 10 episodes over the last four years. We still go back to listen to them ourselves as there’s so many great nuggets of wisdom.

​Get Amplified Top 10 Episodes

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  1. We were a Band with Mark Templeton, Former CEO Citrix
  2. Breaking down the ceilings of growth with Mark Templeton, Former CEO Citrix
  3. The Importance of Belonging with David Parry-Jones, Former VP Twilio
  4. Culture is Everything with Colin Brown, Former MD Softcat
  5. None Of Us Is As Smart Individually As We Are Collectively with Scott Herren, CFO Cisco
  6. You Can’t Automate Kindness – Steve Wilson Former VP EMEA Services & Tracy Reis, Former Ops Dir, Syniti
  7. The Learnings of a CEO Coach with Andy Hunt
  8. A Chicken Can Only Lay One Egg at a Time with Geoffrey Moore, Author Crossing the Chasm
  9. I was a terrible leader until … with Stuart Fenton, Former President Insight & CDW
  10. How to have important (rather than difficult) conversations with Dr Hayley Lewis, Organisational Psychologist

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