Get rid of office politics once and for all

Get rid of office politics once and for all

Politics in business can be both positive and negative.

I have certainly experienced both! Positive politics can help you personally to work up the leadership ladder, campaigning for votes, rallying your troupes, influence the right people so you shine. All good if done in the right way.

However negative politics especially in teams can have a devastating impact. We find most teams are comprised of well-intentioned people trying to do the right thing for their team. Despite those good intentions, however, teamwork is often undermined when members inadvertently act in ways that are not in the best interest of the team.

Getting everyone on the same page, achieving real clarity of the strategy, goals, individual roles and responsibilities, turning uncertainty into certainty, will in turn drive the appropriate behaviour.

Get rid of office politics once and for all!

Patrick Lencioni, bestseller of the ‘The Five Dysfunctions of a Team’, introduces us to the concepts of trust, conflict, commitment, accountability, and results. When people are working together, towards the collective result not their individual political agenda, there is greater harmony.

Recently accredited the Amplified Group is one of just a few partners approved to deliver this proven methodology of The Five Behaviors® of a Team.

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