Inspiring a new generation of leaders

Inspiring a new generation of leaders

This is a great article by Patrick Lencioni: 3 Things Graduates Need to Know | LinkedIn. Inspiring a new generation of leaders is so rewarding and such a privilege!

The sentiments from Patrick in this article couldn’t be more thought provoking as we send a new generation of leaders off into the workplace.

If you are a graduate, parent or employer you should read this. Building the next generation of strong yet authentic, empathetic emotionally intelligent and yes humble leaders is important to us all.

If you want to be a valuable employee, team member and leader in your career, the assets that you want to acquire and cherish more than any other are hunger, common sense about people and humility. Those characteristics are your ticket to a successful career. And they’ll serve you well in life, too.

– Patrick Lencioni

Recommended Reading

If you are interested to learn more, the humble, hungry, smart model is found in Patrick Lencioni’s book, The Ideal Team Player.

You can find further recommended reading on our website here.

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