Introducing the Operating System for Teams

Recently walking past the local health food shop there was a sign outside saying,

“72% of people are stressed at work.”

Now logic would suggest that most people are more than capable of doing their job – so why are stress levels so high?

Having experienced exceptional teams and truly dysfunctional ones, it can be boiled down to one thing…. Getting people to work together vs against each other.

Surely if it is that simple then the 72% stress level wouldn’t stand. The fact of the matter is; the problem is simple, the fix isn’t. And that’s the reality.

So, what if there was an operating system for teams and a proven methodology for implementation?

You may have read Patrick Lencioni’s best seller – The Five Dysfunctions of a Team which introduces us to the concepts of vulnerability based trust, healthy conflict, commitment (weigh-in to buy-in) peer to peer accountability and ultimately collective results.

These all seem perfectly logical and straightforward but even the simplest operating system still needs an installation process. This is just what the Amplified Group is all about!

One of only a handful of partners accredited to deliver this methodology, the Amplified Group helps organisations to create exceptional teams from talented individuals.

Introducing the Operating System for Teams

Take a look at our Operating System for Teams Solution

Our approach to creating high performing teams is clear and simple. Introducing the ‘Operating System For Teams’. When the system is embedded it delivers an unstoppable momentum of growth – unleashing the power of Team Experience, which we call TeamX™. 

As an authorised partner of Patrick Lencioni’s Five Behaviors® methodology, we have taken Patrick’s work further, from theory to application. Working within your business context means everything we do is practical and pragmatic and can be easily applied to every day.   


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