Is there anything I could do? – mentoring donation

Like others at this unprecedented time I wonder what I can do in any small way to help others.

I heard about other coaches and mentors offering to donate virtual coaching sessions to business professionals who are struggling at the moment to make sense of what’s going on, to remain resilient, struggling to work at home, feeling isolated, or just want to best use what might be some unexpected available downtime.

I, therefore, am proposing to donate one, one-hour virtual coaching session, every week, until such time as we can say its more business as usual.

To ensure we are matched well, which is critically important, you need to know me a little, I have been a coach and mentor for many years. Specifically supporting others in the tech space, leading teams and change management in Distribution to vendor land, notably at both Citrix and VMware.

This is a genuine offer I just want to help as I said in any little way I can.

If you want to take advantage of one of these sessions send a message to telling us why this opportunity could help you.

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