Its all about collective results

Team Results

At the end of the day, business is all about collective results. How sustainable are your results ? Are you ready to combat the threats from the next disruptor?

With over 200 IT Leaders completing our IT Leaders Survey, from start-ups to software giants, it turns out that building and maintaining high trust environments is the key to success, not just the Tech!

The survey results clearly demonstrated those organisations with a low trust culture were not maximising the productivity of their workforce, and not ready. There is simply too much time taken up with internal ‘battles’. Those organisations that are investing in their culture – and I don’t mean beanbags and table tennis! – I mean building a high trust culture that understands the company purpose are the ones that will win.

Read the IT Leaders Survey Report

High trust environments create agile organisations that thrive in our fast-paced world. The report identifies the paths to achieve acceleration and then maintain momentum.

Get Amplified Podcast Suggestion

On the topic of collective results, you may enjoy this podcast episode with Scott Herren, CFO at Cisco: None Of Us Is As Smart Individually As We Are Collectively

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