Launching today!

Vicky Reddington presentingI’m excited to announce, launching today, our new consulting business the Amplified Group.



The business is based on our passion of getting people to work together to deliver extraordinary results, vs wasting their energy in different and sometimes opposing directions to the long term detriment of the organisation and it’s people.

Quite simply, a high performance culture requires an operating system and I am delighted to say we have cracked the code on the installation guide and are ready to share.

Launching today! Please visit us at Amplified Group.

We believe more engaged, united teams go above and beyond to deliver sustained hyper-growth. Whether you lead a team or a whole organisation with a common purpose, we’re here for you!

Let us help you create a dynamic team or team of teams by building trust, ensuring clarity and keeping it simple. Our goal is to build this as muscle memory as teams grow together.

It would be great if you could follow us on LinkedIn and help us amplify our message. Thank you!

Vicky Reddington

About Amplified Group

We are a team dynamics consulting company helping tech organisations execute faster by recognising the industry is powered by people. We believe that success is dependent on having a deliberate focus on people to build healthy team habits that become muscle memory. As an authorised partner of the Five Behaviours® and Beaconforce, we offer a tailored approach based on individual client needs.  

Hosts of the #GetAmplified podcast.

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