Step 4
Be a Clarity Seeker

Everyone is responsible for ensuring clarity

Step 4 - Be a Clarity Seeker

Ensure everyone knows what is being asked of them


Ensuring that everyone is on the same page allows the team to commit to decisions and move forward with confidence.

If clarity is absent, team members are more likely to have to juggle competing priorities, develop their own misaligned objectives and form silos of smaller working groups.

Exercise - Ensure Clarity within your team

Very often you can leave a meeting and you think you’re clear.

Learn how to become a clarity seeker. Use our meeting checklist before and after every meeting to ensure clarity within the whole team.


Prior to the meeting, ask the delegates to think of a time when the team had clarity or lacked clarity.  You will discuss these examples during the exercise.

How to Organise

  1. Ask everyone in the team to watch the Clarity video (2 minutes)
  2. Ask them about the example they thought of in their pre-work.  After watching the video, can they now see why they did or did not have clarity?

Going forward, in your regular team meetings, ask:

  1. what everyone found useful
  2. what everyone found not useful
  3. what do we want to do more or less of in the future?

If everyone did NOT get a chance to speak, there’s some work to do here.

If your team has completed their DiSC® personality profile, ask them to discuss how the different DiSC® styles respond to a lack of clarity.  For more information on DiSC, check out the Understanding Different Personality Styles step here.

Talking points

Have a conversation within the team to discuss:

  1. How does clarity (or lack of) affect our team?
  2. Does everyone get to speak?
  3. Are we good at seeking clarity? If not, who can take responsibility for clarity.

Expected Outcomes

As a clarity seeker, use this meeting checklist to ensure everyone leaves every meeting knowing what has been agreed, who must do what and when.

Further learning

We would recommend listening to the ‘Why Creating Clarity is Vital for Team Productivity‘ podcast.

Get Amplified podcast

We would recommend reading the ‘Switch: How to change things when change is hard’ book.

Next Steps

Tip: Book a meeting facilitator to maximise your meeting.  Contact us if you’d like to find out how we can help.

Next step is Let’s Talk Results.

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