Step 5
Let's Talk Results

Be clear on the requirements

Let's talk results

Get the best results by ensuring teams are aligned


Ensure everyone is rowing in the same direction towards the desired results.

Exercise – Alignment within your team

Ensure teams are aligned to get the desired results. Make sure everyone is clear on what’s required.

If you asked everyone in your team ‘what’s the most important thing for you to get done?’, what would everyone say?


Ask all team members to send you their answers to the following two questions then collate the answers ready to show during the team meeting.

  1. What is most important now?
  2. Who must do what?

How to Organise

  1. Show the responses (received in the pre-work) anonymously and discuss the findings.
  2. Agree common ground.
  3. Populate the questions again with the whole teams’ answer.
  4. Spend more time discussing question 1 – what is most important right now? In other words, what is the RALLYING CRY? Agree what it is and why! Break it down into tangible next steps and tasks, and assign owners and timescales.

Talking points

Get the team to consider what they would work on if they could only achieve one thing in the next X months.

Agree what is on the ‘NOT to do’ list as well as on the ‘to do’ list.

Expected Outcomes

By aligning on these two questions, and agreeing specifically who must do what and when, the team will gain clarity on their day-to-day activities and overall direction.

Such clarity will also empower the team to push back in the short term on ‘asks’ which do not deliver the rallying cry.

Further learning

If you would like to learn more, we recommend reading The Advantage book by Patrick Lencioni.

Next Steps

Run a Team Speed Check – this informs you how well the team is working together.  Click the image to the right to read a sample report.

Run a Team Acceleration Workshop

You are now on your way to becoming a highly engaged team.

Together you can achieve anything.

You are stronger together!

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