Lindsey Moore

Head of Marketing & Chief Wonderer

Lindsey started her IT career in 1998 with Amplified Group co-founder, Vicky Reddington, at Citrix Systems where they experienced the exciting early-2000s boom culture of the tech industry where the value of team experience was fully recognised.

During her 15-year tenure at Citrix, Lindsey was part of the magical culture that saw the rapid growth and loyalty of the Citrix community. Throughout her time, Lindsey worked with partners, customers and cross-functional teams to create go-to-market initiatives and drive new product business growth.

Moving into marketing leadership roles within tech scale ups and experiencing the pressures placed on people, Lindsey was drawn to the work of Amplified Group in supporting teams to be successful and purposeful.

Keeping things simple and real, Vicky and Lindsey naturally complement each other and marvel at the power of a great team experience that’s propelling the business forward. 

Lindsey Moore Amplified Group

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In this discussion with Matt Piercy and Lewis Gee, we look at the impact of the ‘great attrition’ on the tech industry. Organisations and sales leaders are under huge pressure to hit their quarterly revenue targets. In today’s economic climate however, combined with a 30% employee turnover rate, we discuss how new hires are faring. We explore how to quickly get new salespeople up to full productivity and the role ‘team’ plays in that.

We are writing a book and we need your help!

We’d love you to be part of what we’re doing. The book is called: Find your TeamX™ – Why leave teamwork to chance when there is a proven process?

If only there was a way to take all the best bits of how we work together as a team and make it sustainable all the time – wouldn’t that be great? Read on…

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In this episode Vic, Pip and Linds discuss the findings of our Tech Leaders Survey. As you will hear there are some real positives to how the Tech Industry has fared through the Pandemic. We also get to the heart of why everyone in tech is feeling the ‘heat’.

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