Martin Kelly


With 30 over years of experience leading large global teams in the technology industry, Martin has a unique perspective on how to build and scale high performing teams. He has lived and worked in EMEA, US and Australia and has led global teams of up 600 people.  He was a Senior Leader at Citrix for 18 years and saw the company grow from $300m to over $3b in revenue.

In that time, he established the Citrix EMEA Technical Services team from scratch and grew it to over 200 people. He also served as Global Head of IT and as Head of Technical Support. In his earlier career he successfully established smaller technology businesses in Europe and Australia.

A qualified Executive Coach, Company Director, and experienced Leadership mentor, Martin has particular experience in selecting and developing leadership talent and in leading teams through significant growth and change.

Central to his approach is the idea that leaders should, first and foremost, be authentic and true to themselves.  From that starting point real connections can be made when team members get to know each other as human beings.

This is the foundation for building trust. A critical predictor of team success, trust is a hallmark value of high-performing teams and is particularly important in the new working model of distributed teams and remote working.

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