Modern Slavery Statement

This Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement is a response to section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and relates to actions and activities for the year ending 2024.


The mission of Amplified Group is to unite teams and align organisations for change. We believe that to thrive in today’s fast paced world, organisations need a high trust culture. Our advisers and Amplifiers work to unite teams, break down silos and align organisations for change. With a primary focus on the Tech Industry, we consistently demonstrate significant productivity increases by focusing clients on the value of their employees working together as an aligned organisation towards a common goal. As part of this, we are committed to do our part to reduce the likelihood of modern slavery occurring in any part of our business.

About us

Amplified Group is a team dynamics consulting company, founded in July 2017 . We are based in the UK and are delighted to be working with a diverse group of independent advisers and associates who give their insight and expertise to support the Amplifiers at the Amplified Group. We primarily deal with global technology companies.

How we do it?

Our team development approach is framed around five logical stages. Using a carefully curated selection  of powerful tools for each stage, we provide organisations and team members with the skills and behavioural habits they need to build sustainable and unstoppable momentum.​​

We combine our own IP including the Team Speed Check with accredited solutions such as Beaconforce, Five Behaviors® Methodology  and DiSC®  to deliver a unique, game changing way of working for teams. We unlock great team experience, we call this TeamX™, by utilising the Five Behaviors which is built on a foundation of trust.

Our employees

The recruitment and employment of Amplified Group employees adheres to all applicable regulations. We also commit to paying a living wage to all employees at Amplified Group.

All Amplified Group employees are subject to our code of ethics which states that all employees must act honestly, fairly and with transparency. Breach of our code of ethics is subject to disciplinary action, and we have a whistleblowing policy for all employees to report any concerns.

This statement has been approved by Victoria Shenton, Amplified Group Co-founder.