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How strong is your team?

What better way to start our first newsletter than to pull together some tips from our Get Amplified podcast guests.

In this edition, we are going to look at how you can help set your team up for success through our conversations with Allison English, Deputy CEO at Leesman, and Tony Roberts, Customer Success EMEA Regional Manager at Okta.

Make Office Time Meaningful

Allison English, Deputy CEO at Leesman, joined us on Get Amplified to talk about the Leesman Index and the super relevant work they are doing to measure and analyse employee’s workplace experience.

Get Amplified Podcast Why you need to make office time meaningful with Leesman

Listen to Alison on the Get Amplified Podcast

Their research has shown that a great workplace experience means employees want to get back to the office, but those who have a poor experience are better off at home.

We learn that the secret is to ensure ‘purposeful presence’.

“Employees are spending more time planning their visits to the office than ever before and questioning the purpose of their journey. The considerations being placed on going to the office are bringing the same logistical burdens as a long weekend at a hotel. Knowing why your employees choose their work locations is vital, and our data is showing that a purpose-driven approach is now heavily influencing employee sentiment on what they do and, importantly, where.” – Leesman Leader’s Guide.

You can find the Leesman Leader’s Guide here: What’s your workplace why – Leesman (

Make Time to Build Team Bonds

Tony Roberts chats to us on Get Amplified about how he made a conscious effort to give the team the time they need to build bonds. It is particularly important to build a strong team when everyone is working remotely.

Get Amplified podcast with Tony Roberts at Okta

Listen to Tony on the Get Amplified Podcast

More than ever, teams are struggling to find the opportunity and time to get to know each other. This has a detrimental effect on how people engage and work together.

Tony tells us how he found the magic by creating a team of mentors. Once those bonds are formed, people are much more willing to help each other out. We love the idea that we can each become a natural mentor within a team.

Once we feel connected and really part of a team, the less we want to leave. This is good news for tech companies where the industry sees some of the highest levels of attrition at around 30%.

Tony tells us,

“By putting the foundations in place to build a healthy team, results come more easily.”

Tony’s book recommendation, The Ideal Team Player by Patrick Lencioni, explains how true ideal team players are humble, hungry, and smart. If you lead a team, this is a great book to add to your reading list.

You can find all our podcast guest recommended books on our website here.

How are you building team bonds?

Navigating the post-COVID world of work is tricky. We all have different needs and demands on our time, be it pets, family or physical distance to travel.

I think most would agree that commuting every day to an office can be a waste of valuable time, particularly if you arrive at the office to only spend your day on endless Zoom calls.

That said, we have lost the opportunity for ad-hoc conversations and connections that we would naturally make in a communal setting. Making the time to bring people together and to ensure a ‘purposeful presence’ in the office, seem logical steps to take.

We’d love to hear how your team members are connecting and building their bonds. What initiatives have you put in place?

A bit about us

We help tech organisations execute at speed through the power of TeamX™. As a change management organisation, we help leaders build more engaged, strong, and united teams through a breakthrough business methodology. This is built by rallying behind a common purpose and supported by simplicity in execution – all underpinned by Patrick Lencioni’s Five Behaviors® model.

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“Not finance. Not strategy. Not technology. It is teamwork that remains the ultimate competitive advantage, both because it is so powerful and so rare.”

– Patrick Lencioni, author of the Five Dysfunctions of a Team

Hope you found this useful. Please share any comments and thoughts.

See you same time, next month!

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