Newsletter December 2023

Welcome to our TeamX™ Newsletter for December 2023. As we reach the end of the year, we’ve provided a quick round up with some resources that you might find useful.

Experiencing company growing pains?

You are not alone. This year, more than ever, we’re hearing the same challenges across the teams we work with.

Company growing pains

  • Silos are forming and causing more challenges
  • Changing culture
  • Lack of accountability
  • Process complexity

By stripping away some of the internal barriers, you can help free up your sales teams to execute faster and keep team motivation high.


More investment in people power

It’s about time you may say! To be successful in a competitive tech landscape, we are seeing a shift in senior leadership investing in people.

With more team workshops and Speed Checks booked in our diary than ever before, we’re delighted to see the impact positive team dynamics have, not just on the business, but the development of the people that we work with.

We’re growing because of tech organisations investment in people. We’re delighted to have expanded our reach to support businesses in-person across EMEA and across the pond to the US.

If you’re looking to unite a dispersed team, increase your team’s productivity, and create an environment where people want to achieve their full potential together, please get in touch.

In today’s hybrid working world, teamwork needs to be more intentional and deliberate than it was previously. There is a process to address this.

“Amplified Group’s exceptional ability to drive growth, nurture a culture of trust, and address challenges head-on makes them an invaluable asset. I wholeheartedly recommend them for their unwavering commitment to fostering team excellence.”– Andy Bryars, Senior Director, Customer Success

We are here to help guide, coach and to uncover the magic that’s already there in your team. Sometimes it just needs an outside perspective to move things along.

What will it look and feel like working in the tech industry in 10 years time?

This was a question we posed to the Women@Tech networking event following the recent Cisco Inclusion Summit which covered a comprehensive approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Women at Tech - Power of Teaming


I think it’s fair to say that a workplace which fully embraces the following aspects will foster a more successful and enduring workforce:



  • Gender equality
  • 100% diversity and inclusion
  • Flexible working as standard
  • A steady influx of young talent
  • Elimination of barriers to entry for all

It was a privilege to work with such a talented group. The collaboration, energy and innovation in the room was inspirational.

Find out how Women@Tech are raising the impact of gender equality initiatives at technology industry companies in the UK. With representatives from Amazon, BT, Cisco, Colt Technology Services, Google, Infosys, Meta, Salesforce, Samsung, and Uber, we’re excited to watch where it leads.

The Art of Inclusive Leadership

We were delighted to invite Mark Murphy, Director of Global Partner Marketing at Cisco, on the Get Amplified podcast. Mark shares his experience of fostering and supporting a culture of inclusivity at Cisco.

Mark’s story isn’t merely about leadership; it’s about fostering respect, truth-telling, and positive intent in the workplace. These elements, he believes, are crucial in driving efficiency and effectiveness in the fast-paced tech industry, every single day. It’s a team sport – all the way to the customer.

We love the analogy of using our elbows to make space for others– about using our voices and clearing space so that everyone can be heard and feel valued.

Read more: The Art of Inclusive Leadership – Amplified Group

Get Amplified podcast with Mark Murphy, Cisco - Inclusive leadership

Learning Resources

Creating a team action plan

As you start the New Year, don’t forget the importance of creating a simple plan that everyone in the team has contributed to.

Step 1: Building alignment and empowering the team

  1. Find your north star
  2. Agree your top three priorities
  3. Build your decision guard rails

Step 2: Creating an Action Plan

Against each priority, go through the following exercise:

  1. Urgency – Set a timeframe to fit with the urgency level.
  2. Team – Agree who is doing what. A good old fashioned RACI exercise will help here.
  3. Measure – Refer to your priorities during weekly team meetings. Use a simple RAG system.
  4. Results – Track, assess, and share the results

Taking the time now to lay the foundations with your team will save you precious time in the long run.

You can find more detailed information on planning in a previous newsletter.

Get Amplified Podcast – Top Picks

Refine your presentation skills

Hear from Ben Pearce, founder of Elevated You, how a simple framework can help us create impactful presentations. Ben’s approach encourages an understanding of the audience and their objectives, ensuring content is not only relevant but impactful.

Read more: Elevating Tech Skills with the Human Approach – Amplified Group

Get Amplified podcast with Ben Pearce

How to manage stress

We were delighted to chat with occupational psychologist, Dr Hayley Lewis on the topic of stress. Hayley provides some practical tips and helps us consider our approach when managing workloads.

Hayley’s approach for stress management? A firm but necessary ‘no’ when it matters most.

Check out Hayley’s sketch notes on the ‘Circle of Control’ and the Job Demands-Resources Model here: Stress: One size does not fit all – Amplified Group

Get Amplified Podcast with Dr Hayley Lewis - Stress

Book recommendations

Recommended books for leaders

We couldn’t round up without mentioning the game-changing book, Switch. If there is one thing we can predict next year, it will be continuous change.

The Switch framework complements the Patrick Lencioni Five Behaviors® methodology, helping us to combine both the human and business elements to support the requirements of our clients. Not only is it super simple to understand, but it is also very memorable and practical. The framework expertly guides us through the nine elements required for change.

We have completed several workshops based on this framework. It has been wonderful to witness teams unlock how to implement change.

Read more about Switch

Well that’s it for this year. Enjoy a well earned break and we will see you in 2024!

A bit about us

We help tech organisations execute at speed through the power of TeamX™. As a change management organisation, we help leaders build more engaged, strong, and united teams through a breakthrough business methodology. This is built by rallying behind a common purpose and supported by simplicity in execution – all underpinned by Patrick Lencioni’s Five Behaviors® model.

Listen to our founder on the Elevated You Podcast: EP20: How To Build A Great Team with Vicky Reddington (

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