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Does your team’s purpose inspire you?

Does your teams purpose inspire you

Welcome to our May newsletter. This month we are springing into action, making our purpose work for us and asking the question, can an outside perspective help propel you forward?

The Learnings of a CEO Coach

During a recent Get Amplified podcast episode, Andy Hunt discussed the importance of having a purpose. It is the purpose that informs the company’s vision to help create something wonderful.

Andy gave us a sneak peek into the conversations and insights he focuses on as a CEO coach. This is relevant for everyone. The lessons Andy shared are not just for CEOs, but for any leader or aspiring leader.

Get Amplified Podcast - The learnings of a CEO coach with Andy Hunt

Listen to Andy on the Get Amplified podcast

Andy shared his enjoyment in working with the VC firm, Antler, who engage with early-stage tech start-ups. Purpose is a driving force within each of these organisations as they try to solve the world’s problems through the use of technology. Refreshingly, revenue generation is not their primary purpose.

Further to purpose, we touched on a wealth of topics including:

1) How the best leaders are coaches.

2) Why culture is a vehicle for scale (it’s a magnet).

3) The difference between a manager and a leader.

4) Be humble, be curious. You don’t need to have all the answers.

5) Know your blind spots and what to do about them.

We’ve received some great feedback on this conversation. Enjoy listening.

Bringing our purpose to life

If you have a dream project at the back of your mind, sometimes it takes a friendly nudge or a few serendipitous moments to let you know that it’s time to get started.

Find the people who help validate your idea, that give you the confidence, and most importantly provide honest feedback, for you to move forward. It was Andy’s outside perspective that gave us the confidence to turn an idea into action and bring our own purpose to life.

To that end, we have taken the plunge and we are writing a book!

The book is called Finding Your TeamX™  

Why leave teamwork to chance when there is a proven process

Having the privilege of engaging with teams in the tech industry, we want to take all the best bits of how teams work together and share them in a no-nonsense guidebook. The simple framework can be applied to develop your team dynamics.

If everyone in your team believes in a shared purpose, trusts one another, has clarity on what needs to be done, and embraces simplicity, you can achieve incredible results while enjoying what you do.

And that’s where you come in . . . we’d love you to be part of the book.

Check out our podcast which outlines the team formula of purpose, trust, clarity and simplicity.

We are writing a book and we need your help!

Listen to Vic & Lindsey on the Get Amplified podcast

When we learn about business we are taught about organisational structure, finance, go-to-market strategy, and sales, but we are not taught the process of building a strong team.

We don’t think this should be left to luck. We think this should be taught, which is why this book addresses how to build great team experience (we call it TeamX™).

If you have a story that fits with any of the chapters and questions below – good, bad, or ugly – we would love to hear from you.


Chapter: Find your purpose beyond the numbers

Do you have an example of where your team’s purpose has driven the number? What was the outcome? 

Have you ever experienced a team that has lacked a shared purpose? What was the outcome? 

Chapter: Point to your North Star

When you are being pulled in different directions, do you have one guiding principle to help you prioritise? What was the outcome? 

Chapter: Take off your functional hat

Do you have a story about how a shared team purpose has united your team? What was the outcome? 


Chapter: Gain psychological safety

Have you worked in a team that did not have trust? What was the outcome?   

Do you have an example of where you have invested time to build trust? What was the outcome? 


Chapter: Build decision guard rails

Do you have a set of principles that help guide your decision making? What was the outcome?

Chapter: Gain alignment

Do you have an example of where a team has disagreed with each other but have committed to a joint plan? What was the outcome? 

Do you have an example of when a great idea has come from the quietest voice in the room? What was the outcome? 

Chapter: Enable accountability

Do you find ‘accountability’ is an overused word? Do you have an example?


Chapter: Order your priorities

Do you have experience of competing priorities? What was the outcome? 

Have you ever stack ranked your priorities? Have you stuck to the priority list? What was the outcome? 

Chapter: Agree what you are stopping

After ordering your priorities, have you ever agreed to stop something. How did that help? 

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please get in touch via LinkedIn or email if you have a story you would like to share.

Time to get started

Have you got something you want to get started? Find someone who can give you an outside perspective and find your team to make it happen. The outcome will be worth it!

See you next month.

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