Our Values

At the Amplified Group our values are important. Shared values are key to team success. And when we work well together, we’re more likely to succeed. 

Keeping it real

Authenticity. What you see is what you get. We show up as ourselves. Our approach is practical and pragmatic. It is not abstract and theory, it is applied.

Being kind

Kindness cannot be overstated. We are kind and thoughtful to each other and our clients. Every day we make time to care about each other. It is our top priority.

Making a difference

What we do is not about a quick ‘hit.’ We deliver Pilates not painkillers. We are obsessed with making a lasting difference for our clients and the individuals lives that we work with.

Team first

We are humble and always put team before the individual. Together, we know we will make a bigger difference.

Keeping it simple

We strive for everything we do to be kept simple from the language we use, to the length of our reports! We celebrate simplicity.