Paul Russell


Paul Russell combines three decades of working in the technology sector with his passion for helping others get the most out of their ideas. He is a rare combination of both commercial strength and in-depth technology background having sat both sides of the fence, as client and provider.

Paul has developed a human centric approach having experienced the ups and downs of technology not meeting sustainable outcomes and leverages a Design Thinking philosophy to help reframe problems and solutions. He is an excellent communicator, facilitator and coach, able to inspire and motivate others to try out new ideas, explore possibilities and to consider ‘there is no box’.

His career has seen him move through the technology sector as consultant and management leader experiencing multiple industrial setting with a bias towards the built environment, facility and workplace management.

During his time with Microsoft as a partner on their Advisory Council he experienced first-hand exposure to innovative thinking during the early days of the cloud computing shift. A time that spanned CTO roles with URS Scott Wilson (now AECOM) and Ricoh, where he led business change initiatives in digital twin for construction design and workspace design respectively.

More recently, Paul enjoyed six years with IBM (2016-2021) as a sales leader focused on Smart Building and Infrastructure clients. This role encapsulated the introduction of AI into the design and management of buildings design that saw him work across Europe and speak at global sales conferences and public events.

Paul Russell

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If change is a constant, listen to Paul Russell who shares the fascinating use of design thinking.

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The Language of Trust – Amplified Group

How important is the language we use and the stories we tell when we want to gain trust between groups?  This is something Amplifier, Paul, had been thinking about following a client engagement.

“I had a chance recently to lead a sales group on the subject of high-performance trusted teams and considered the Patrick Lencioni dysfunctions of a team model. I reflected on the language used by Lencioni and then looked out across the room and told them a story.”

Paul’s Book Released

Exciting news! Paul has released his new book: Even If It Was Free: Rediscover the human side of selling and buying technology

Paul Russell book 'Even if it was free'