Customer Success Story 'Building a High Trust Culture'

IT Security Solutions leader Glasswall hits major milestone through the power of teamwork

“As Glasswall came under increasing pressure to deliver we needed to make sure there was the trust needed for communication and accountability to be upheld.

Thanks to the Amplified Group, we have built a high trust culture which enables the team to be agile. Both the SAAS team and the leadership team now have the confidence Glasswall has the ability to stay ahead of the pace of change.

Nothing you will spend your money on this year will be more productive. If you are going to spend your budget this year this is how you spend it”

Paul Burke, SVP, Glasswall


Glasswall Solutions provides organizations and government agencies with unique protection against evasive, sophisticated cyber threats. With operations in the UK and across the United States, Glasswall offer ground-breaking security to their customers through their d-FIRST™ technology.


  • Delivered the new SAAS platform within a very tight timeframe
  • Built a high trust culture
  • The team has become agile -executing much faster in a coordinated way
  • Built the confidence from the business in the team to be able to deliver under pressure
  • Broken down the silos that had developed across the business

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