Amplified Group Highlights the Top Threat Affecting Tech Organisations

Amplified Group today announced the Tech Leader Survey findings of four hundred global tech business leaders, that highlights the top threat affecting tech organisations which must be addressed to stay competitive. 

London, United Kingdom, 23 February 2022 –(– The Amplified Group, a team dynamics consulting company, today released their 2022 Tech Leader Survey Report. Against a backdrop of ‘The Great Attrition’ and the sheer pace of change in technology, the report aims to help tech organisations understand more than ever, executing at speed is at risk if they do not recognise that people power the industry. This is the key to unlocking unstoppable momentum and scaling successfully. 

The pandemic has placed even greater stress on the fault lines within tech companies who are not delivering a healthy enough culture to attract and retain the best talent and execute at speed. The findings identified that while 88% of leaders believe that they are prepared to go the extra mile because they have purpose, this is being undermined by a significant disruptor – competing priorities – an issue faced by 75% of respondents. An issue first identified in 2015 by Geoffrey Moore, Author & Chairman Emeritus of the Chasm Group. 

Paul Wiefels, Managing Director of The Chasm Group, commented,

“Purpose, trust, clarity, and simplicity. These four ingredients are key to achieving better organizational performance, amplifying a business’s ability to bring value to markets rapidly and efficiently, and bringing outsized gains to win time-based competitions. Aligning organizations on those four ingredients—getting them right—sounds easy. This illuminating report says, well, not so fast.”

The significance of this risk cannot be over-emphasised. Competing priorities create breeding grounds for silos and slow the organisation down.  

“For all of us, this report sheds much needed clarity, delivering both good news and some that should be concerning. It provides both a mirror to our own efforts, and a window through which we can see a brighter future.”

– Paul Wiefels Managing Director of The Chasm Group 

The report highlights that tech organisations must operate with clear alignment, starting with psychological safety with their people, if they are to succeed.  

“We jump from one priority to another at lightning speed. Beyond our numbers which look great, there’s a lot of pain. Companies fail because of people not products”

– Amplified Group client 

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The Amplified Group is a team dynamics consulting company helping tech organisations execute faster by recognising the industry is powered by people. The Amplified Group believe that success is dependent on having a deliberate focus on people to build healthy team habits that become muscle memory. As an authorized partner of the Five Behaviours® and Beaconforce, they offer a tailored approach based on individual client needs. 

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