Amplified Group Reveal a Big Reality Check on New Hire Productivity in Tech

Amplified Group today announced the findings of their latest survey which highlight how, in the face of a downturn and hiring freeze, every ‘head’ will count. Tech new hires must be supported with great onboarding if they are to contribute to the collective success of the team.

London, United Kingdom, November 22, 2022–( Group, a team dynamics consulting company, today released their 2022 New Hire Productivity Report and reveal a big reality check on new hire productivity in tech.

Amplified Group Reveal a Big Reality Check on New Hire Productivity in Tech

With mounting evidence that even the most successful tech companies are entering a new low growth phase, the Amplified Group have taken into consideration the current forces affecting the tech industry: 

  • Unfilled vacancies in the post pandemic months of high attrition, which may now stay unfilled with hiring freezes in the face of a looming recession.
  • Post pandemic, a very fluid movement of people in tech from one business to another – in this recent survey by the Amplified Group, over a third of survey respondents had only been with their company for a year at the most.
  • More pressure than ever to hit the numbers as the climate gets tougher.

Against this background, the Amplified Group offer 3 key insights in their New Hire Productivity Report. 

  1. In the survey of 160 tech workers, 81% of respondents did not feel that it is possible to achieve full productivity in the first six months of a new role, and 50% of those that responded do not believe revenue targets reflect the onboarding time. This disconnect becomes even more acute as the business climate gets tougher.
  2. To turn the productivity dial up, new hires must be fully supported to successfully onboard, contribute and feel part of the team. If they are not given adequate time and support to onboard when they join, their sense of a healthy culture and safe place to work is fatally damaged right from the outset. Meighan Newhouse, an HR Council member from Forbes says that:

“For an onboarding programme to be effective, you should proactively onboard your new hires for their entire first year” 

  1. In times of scarcer resource and budget, every member of every team, new and old must be fully engaged and aligned.

Survey comments from experienced sales leaders

“In a time when attrition rates are continuing to increase, I don’t believe revenue models have adjusted to capture ‘goings and comings’ as well as they used to.”  

“There are always unrealistic expectations of how quickly a new hire can be effective.” 

The call to have highly productive teams pulling together in the same direction with resilience and strength is more crucial than ever.  

Amplified Group co-founder, Vicky Reddington is passionate about helping teams work effectively together and comments:

We know how tough it is to compete in the tech industry in the current climate and know that for companies to succeed they must address employee engagement. Afterall, people power the tech industry.” 

Read the full report here


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