Rainbow Thinking utilising DiSC

Guest blog by Tim Hearn, Skylark Development and Amplifier

I’ve spent the last 6 months, post retirement, catching up on life. Now I’ve written a series of blogs on the topic of rainbow thinking utilising DiSC® to try and capture some of the useful aspects of DiSC and anecdotes which may help sales leaders to think about how they harness the talent within their teams, quickly.

I’ve entitled the series Rainbow Thinking utilising DiSC because we should have a spectrum of diverse thinking within our teams, we need to hire diverse thinking when we are building our teams, and we need to harness that rainbow thinking to allow our people to bring their own character and style to work and to fully express their talent in their own unique way.

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I hope you like these blogs and I would love to hear your feedback.

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We loved speaking to Tim on our Get Amplified podcast. Tim is clearly a people and team first sales leader. The real magic of this podcast is all the practical and pragmatic best practices that Tim shares about how he has learnt to set his teams up for success, recognising that Sales in the Tech Industry is a Team sport not an individual one!

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