Recommended Reading from Get Amplified Podcast

Recommended Reading from Get Amplified Podcast

On our #GetAmplified podcast we ask each of our guests for a book recommendation. It’s been wonderful to be introduced to such thought provoking books – we’re slowly working our way through them!

Recommended Reading from Get Amplified Podcast

Radical Simplicity​ – Book Recommendation

‘Radical Simplicity’, recommended by Darren Thayre at Google. Darren told us that,

“Simplicity is key. This book is based on the DHL journey and talks about how they shred the complications of the business.” ​

​We totally agree! Keeping things simple is at the core of everything we do. We thank Mark Templeton, former CEO at Citrix, for that.

It’s been interesting to read how DHL were able to successfully transform their business.​ We could all do with a dose of simplicity in our lives.

Find out more about our chat ‘Happiness = Personal Growth = Business Growth’ with Darren here.

Not only does Darren provide great book recommendations but he also shares some great nuggets of wisdom. We loved this one,

“Just believe that you are enough. Be authentic and embrace that. You are going to be a better than that fake version of yourself.”

​Laziness Does Not Exist – Book Recommendation

Dr Hayley Lewis discovered the book ‘Laziness Does Not Exist’ by Dr Devon Price and shared it on the popular podcast episode, ‘Set Yourself up for Success’.

In our podcast conversation, Dr Hayley told us that this book is very provocative and very challenging. It discusses that the way many organisations and industries work, just doesn’t work for many of us. ​

Find out more about our chat with Hayley here.

Happy reading!​


Recommended Reading from Get Amplified Podcast. Further book recommendations can be found here.

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