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Set Yourself up for Success in 2022 v2

#GetAmplified Podcast Series 3 episode 2

Our chat with Dr Hayley Lewis, Chartered Psychologist, had so much useful information that we had to write a blog to help share it.

I think we all know that we need to be a little kinder to ourselves, and Hayley provides some insightful learnings and tips to nudge us along.

Firstly though, a huge congratulations to Hayley for achieving her qualification to becoming a Doctor.

Hayley has a unique ability to turn in-depth matter into easy to consume sketch notes and we love her for them! It’s no wonder she was added to the HR Most Influential Thinkers list in the HR Magazine annual influencer award 2021.

Listen to our 30-minute chat with Hayley here

I think it’s clear to see that 2022 will see us switching in and out of the virtual world. With this continued virtual and physical approach to work brings its own pressures. At the start of the podcast Vicky and Hayley introduce us to WOOP.  Yes, we’re all thinking what on earth are you talking about!

How many of us set New Year resolutions only to stumble at the first hurdle? The WOOP framework can really help amplify your goal setting.

WOOP stands for:

Wish – Think of this as a goal you’d like to achieve

Outcome – what is the outcome you’d like to see of your wish?  What does it look and feel like?

Obstacle – what gets in your way of achieving your wish?

Plan – once you’ve thought about the obstacles, what can you do to mitigate them?

January is such a hard month to make changes so why do we set big goals? On this point, Hayley refers to a book called ‘Wintering’ by Katherine May.

When we experience the colder winter months it can be tough and so it’s the best time to be gentle with ourselves and engage with what the Danish refer to as Hygge.

There must be healthy habits to set yourself rather than depriving ourselves. I think Vicky would like to start a new campaign, “Be kind to yourself January.”

Hayley says that we’re not particularly good in our society to be kind to ourselves and we’re not geared up to work that way. When we are kind to ourselves and take time to rest, we actually do our best work.

When investigating this topic Hayley came across a book (now one of her favourites) called ‘Why laziness doesn’t exist’ by Dr Devon Price. It’s very provocative, very challenging and discusses that the way many organisations and industries work, just doesn’t work for many of us.

The conversation delves into “manage your energy, not your time.” This is a fascinating topic that is explained in more detail in the podcast. Definitely a good use of your energy to listen 😊

It’s important to think about where we spend our energy. We are more than our work, and we must not neglect our home life and health.

Are you spending energy on what matters to you most? Hayley has created this handy sketch note to help you see where you’re spending your energy.

Tips for positive habits for the New Year

We love the self-compassion bingo card from Hayley. This is an idea that can help you to create your own bingo card.

Think about the things you can add under each of the five pillars. Something that’s achievable each day. They don’t have to be huge things. Break things down to little and often i.e 10 minute walk in the morning, or make a cup of tea between Zoom meetings and stand outside for 5 minutes.

Three Key Takeaways

Hayley, Sam and Vicky provide their key takeaways to creating some positive habits for the New Year.


  • Prioritise sleep. Sleep matters! It is the basis for good mental health
  • Don’t set too many goals for yourself. When setting goals, have you got the balance right?
  • Try and feel less guilty abut taking time out and looking after yourself


  • Get outside everyday even if it’s for just 10 minutes


  • For me it’s little and often. I can feel exhausted some days and drag myself to muck out my horses, but then feel energised.

Whatever your plans are for 2022 we wish you happiness along the way. It’s in all of us to own our well-being and sometimes just the smallest of things can help.

Recommended reading by Dr Hayley Lewis

Wintering – by Katherine May

Laziness Does Not Exist – by Dr Devon Price

When: The science of perfect timing – by Daniel Pink

Hayley mentioned the neuroscientist, Dr Magdalena Bak-Maier who created a concept called ‘The Grid’. Hayley explains the grid is used to split things into four areas and then test to see where we’re spending our time and energy.

Check out her company ‘Make Time Count’ here

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