Six Critical Questions Survey

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In preparation for the Team Workshop, please complete the following pre-work.  It will take around 30 minutes to complete.  

For any team in any organization, there are  Six Critical Questions  that everyone must be able to answer and align on. The results of this pre-work will be invaluable, not only in making sure we get the most out of our time together but also in shaping your plans going forward.   

For further information, please watch this short video: The 6 Critical Questions (

    Complete the following 6 questions (please keep answers concise, do not confer with your colleagues and do not use marketing speak)

    1) Why do we exist?

    Helpful hint: The underlying reason for being, the core purpose of our team. Be completely idealistic. People must know that at the heart of what they do lies something grand and aspirational. Getting “more” e.g., growing profit is almost never a purpose but rather an important indicator of success.

    2) How do we act?

    Helpful hint: The set of principles that guide our behaviours and decisions over time. (Don't say trust or integrity etc as these are already expected and are baseline values)

    3) What do we do?

    Helpful hint: The simplest of the questions – an organisations or teams business definition. If Q1 answers “why”, then Q3 answers “what”. The basic activities of the organisation.

    4) How will we succeed?

    Helpful hint: The best way for an organisation to make strategy practical is to boil it down to 3 anchors that will be used to inform and evaluate every decision the organisation makes. What are the 3 overarching aims that the team will deliver on to ensure success? For example, Apple has these:

    - Decreasing dependence of the business on the sales of iPhones
    - Focus on design and functionality of products
    - Enhancing customer experience

    5) What is most important right now?

    Helpful hint: Every organisation, if it wants to create a sense of alignment and focus, must have a single top priority within a given period. If our team could only achieve one thing over the next few months – what would it be?

    6) Who must do what?

    Helpful hint: Who must do what and when to deliver the Rally Cry? What business as usual objectives and activities must still be delivered?

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