Build a Team of Teams

Breaking down the Silos, Creating an Aligned Organisation with a Consistent TeamX™


Why do I need it?

The Team of Teams Framework is a set of practices designed to enable leaders to build high-performing teams across the organisation, creating a culture where everyone is fully engaged and aligned with the overall vision. It breaks down the silos that inevitably form as organisations grow, building trust, transparency and agility across people and teams.

What is it?

It is a leadership, Train the Trainer program to provide a common language and a consistent approach to team experience throughout the organisation.

This approach intentionally breaks down barriers and provides a structured and scalable framework to bring people and teams together as an agile team of teams, focused on a common purpose, with the ability to deliver exceptional results together.

We take the Operating System for Teams and scale it to become a network of Team Experience (TeamX) Champions. It is easy to adopt and consume allowing leaders to hold their peers accountable whilst providing support for them in return. 

  • Alignment at the leadership level
  • Train the Trainer Program empowers the TeamX™ Champion to take the Five Behaviors® back into their own teams to ensure a consistent approach at scale.
  • An Internal Rotating Buddying System supported with mentoring from the Amplified Group is customised for each TeamX™ Champion. This breaks down silos and increases trust.

What does it give you?

The framework helps align the entire organisation with a single common purpose.  The process replicates the Operating System for Teams across the entire organisation, enabling the organisation to increase speed to market and stay ahead of the competition. 

Our goal is to help you build these consistent elements of TeamX as muscle memory as teams grow together and for organisations we work with to enjoy sustainable growth with the ability to combat inertia.

Who it involves

It must start with the leadership team, as it requires buy-in from the top, before being filtered down to every employee. 

Further information

Listen to  our co-founder Vicky Reddington discussing how to build a team of teams on our Get Amplified Podcast: Going 17x Faster by Building a Team of Teams (

Vicky explains the process of how to build a team of teams and discusses:

  • Why it is important to break down the silos in an organisation that naturally form
  • The six critical questions needed for leadership teams to align on
  • How to create a common language for culture throughout the organisation
  • The TeamX Champion Train the Trainer Program
  • The importance of  hiring team players as the organisation scales

“With minimal increases in personnel,

we were running 17 times faster”

Team of Teams

General Stanley McChrystal.