Team Dynamics Map

Utilise DiSC® to decode who you are working with and know how to adapt your behaviour accordingly

This diagram shows the initials of where each team member sits on the DiSC® map.

Why do I need it?

Every team is different because people are different. Understanding more about the human dynamics within a team helps to improve the quality of your team experience by building more effective relationships.  It gives team membersthe ability to understand and better communicate with each other.  It helps to decode any differences that arise within teams and provides guidance on how to adapt approaches to get better outcomes.  Meetings, projects, and teams are more effective when differences are not only better understood but actively encouraged and embraced. 

What is it?

The Team Dynamics Map is the outcome of each team member taking 20 minute online assessmentThen AI creates a visual DiSC® map of your team where there is no right or wrong place to be. This is supported with a 3-hour face to face or virtual workshop where we turn the subconscious into conscious and accelerate you better understanding each other.  

What does it give you?

A DiSC® map of your team to recognise the different approaches team members have towards work 

The map provides each team member with their own profile, it also plots all team members and provides a common language for talking about behavioural differences in your team helping you adapt your approach accordingly. 

Who it involves

Every member of the team. 

Here’s a very quick introduction to helping you improve your team dynamics by helping you gain not only self awareness of your own work style but those of your team mates.

What would your team map look like?

This diagram shows, in bold, the initials of where each team member sits on the DiSC® map.

Watch the video introduction ‘Understanding team dynamics’.

Read Tim Hearn’s Blog on DiSC where he breaks down each element.

The Team Dynamics Map is included in our Operating System for Teams solution.