Maintain Team of Teams

Giving you the autonomy you need to independently sustain your Organisation’s Fitness.

This chart helps you track the organisation’s 7-pillars scores over time

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Why do I need it?

You have just invested in building an aligned organisation with a common purpose without silos so don’t take that for granted by letting the inertia creep in as that will slow the organisation down and your more agile competition could take market share.

With your team of teams built, it’s crucial you are able to maintain it.  We help you gain clarity on how to continually develop and maintain the right team culture across your organisation.  By establishing common goals and a foundation for success, you’ll be able to execute faster, move quicker than your competition and compete with agility. 

Learn what it takes to nurture talent from the inside out and stop inertia creeping into your organisation.  

“Like rust on a garden gate, inertia is inevitable if you don’t keep on top of it.”

– Paul Wiefels, Chasm Group 

What is it?

The solution to maintain team of teams is offered to clients who have completed the ‘Team of Teams’ framework. 

This solution includes the Beaconforce app, providing a new way to measure and improve employee performance.  It’s like a fitness tracker for your entire teams’ organisational fitness, providing you with the data you need to keep your teams healthy, motivated, and hitting their goals.  It allows employees to talk about their work and be recognized for it.   

By providing you with a framework and ongoing measurement tools, you will be able to incorporate the actions into your daily muscle memory. Of course, we are on hand if you need us and happy to support you when required.

We can provide annual reviews supplemented with Coaching and provide assistance with new hire onboarding  so they can talk the same ‘language’.  

 “Never take the team health for granted. Invest and keep working on it every day. Invest in your team and rewards are 10-fold in return.”

– Andy Bryars, Okta. 

What does it give you?

It creates an environment where each individual can flourish.  Allows you to move at scale, keeping the momentum gained during the Build a Team of Teams stage. 

Identifying the areas that need it the most or whechange occurs in the organisation and re-alignment is needed.  It allows you to prioritise budget & resource to focus on progress.   

The goal is to ingrain the framework as muscle memory so that it’s just the way the team works.  The foundations have been laid so that when new people join, they are integrated quickly.  Senior members of the team are now able to “take the baton” to get the best results from the team.

Who it involves

Organisation wide with the support of  your TeamX™ Champions

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