Operating System for Teams

Discover a game-changing process to create a high performing team that is ready for the future

Our approach to creating high performing teams is clear and simple. We call it our ‘Operating System For Teams’ and when the system is embedded it delivers an unstoppable momentum of growth – unleashing the power of Team Experience, which we call TeamX™. 

As an authorised partner of Patrick Lencioni’s Five Behaviors® methodology, we have taken Patrick’s work further, from theory to application specifically in the Tech Industry. Working within your business context means everything we do is practical and pragmatic and can be easily applied to every day.   

Why do I need it?

The tech industry has one of the highest attrition rates across all sectors. Operating System for Teams can help you:  

  • improve your employee retention rate 
  • accelerate new team member on-boarding 
  • create development paths for your team members 
  • attract top talent to your team 

Without high-functioning teams, businesses falter as productivity grinds to a halt.  

A great, sustainable Team Experience doesn’t just happen, it requires deliberate and intentional actions.  This is even more important in times of change like we are now seeing following the pandemic and helps to keep your team together when they are all apart. 

What is it?

Operating System For Teams is based around a five-step process. We combine our own IP with accredited solutions such the Five Behaviours® methodology, DiSC, and Beaconforce to deliver a unique, game changing way of working for teams.​  

We focus on the foundations needed to implement a healthy operating system for your team which starts with trust. 

Five Steps to your TeamXJourney

1) Discovery & diagnostics
Turn opinion into fact and measure how effectively you team work together  

2) Implementing your Operating System for Teams  
Based on the discovery stage findings, we deliver tailored workshops based on Patrick Lencioni’s Five Behaviors (5B’s) methodology relative to your business context 

3) Measure and reinforce with team coaching   
Enabling your team to put into practice everything they have learnt, creating healthy team habits.

4) Repeat for new hires & measure progress 
Become self-sufficient so that new hires are included right from day one. We do this by introducing a Train the Trainer programme.  Our superstar trainers, demonstrating TeamX™ in motion, will become an ‘Amplified TeamX Ambassador.’ 

5) Grow and maintain 
Track the health of your team in real time. Catch and address any potential issues quickly to maintain the speed of your team. Real-time health check technology, Beaconforce, provides these valuable insights and measures trust and intrinsic motivation. Watch the video for an introduction to Beaconforce. 

What does it give you?

We will set the team up for success. Our pragmatic and practical approach will provide your team with the framework required to grow a culture of passion, energy and innovation empowered by “the best idea wins”- this is your TeamX.  

The team will learn the benefits of positive peer pressure built on the fundamentals of trust and positive conflict, ensuring everyone has a voice and encouraging team members to challenge and elevate one another to deliver the required results for the business and themselves. 

The solid foundations will be in place for the team to embrace future challenges and change together.

Who it involves

It involves one team or cross-functional team who have a shared purpose. 

You are now on your way to becoming an unstoppable team. Together you can achieve anything!

Next step is to build a ‘Team of Teams’ by replicating the Operating System for Teams across your whole organisation.  Contact us to find out more.

“With the Amplified Group framework, we are living and breathing it in what we do. What we learn is always top of mind. We conduct monthly surveys, undertake the DiSC assessment for every new starter, and we’re now working on ‘train the trainer’ so that this all becomes muscle memory. We will need the Amplified Group to help guide us as we continue to grow as it’s the external point of view that’s really valuable.”  

Andy Bryars – Director of EMEA Customer Success, Okta

See how the world’s largest producer of software stays innovative and ahead of the competition. Using The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team as the foundation of their Organizational Capital Program, Microsoft can develop their teamwork, the ultimate competitive advantage.