Real-Time Health Status

A Game Changing Employee Engagement App

Why do I need it?

Imagine a world where your team members are engaged, performing the best work of their careers, and so highly valued by you that they don’t even consider leaving. Imagine having such an accurate picture of your team’s real-time health status that you spot problems before they become insurmountable. Now imagine being able to make changes in real time, so employees can see the impact immediately and you can both keep going with no interruption.

What is it?

Beaconforce is a powerful new tool that allows you to gather all the feedback needed to build and maintain a high-performance, engaged culture. Using the latest in technology, Beaconforce lets managers capture critical feedback from employees, peers and stakeholders. Instead of just asking about “engagement” by surveying them once a year, Beaconforce helps you uncover the root causes of engagement so you can take action on them immediately.

What does it give you?

At its heart, Beaconforce is a deep listening tool that provides leaders and executives with user friendly dashboards that shows how your people are feeling about work in real time and it helps managers coach their people to thrive at work and gives the employees insights to be their best.

Who it involves

Any leader who cares about their team and any employee who wants direct feedback, a unique feature.

After doing an analysis with Gartner of the different options out there, we couldn’t find any other technology that allowed us to manage, monitor, and cultivate intrinsic motivation like Beaconforce allowed us to do in real-time.

Giuseppe de Nichilo, HR, Corporate Planning & Facilities General Manager at Toyota

Your ‘Fitbit’ for intrinsic motivation and trust

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