Team Speed Check

Your ability to execute at speed is a direct result of how you work together

Why do I need it?

For Tech Organisations speed of execution is the key differentiator. Your ability to execute at speed is a direct result of how you work together. The Amplified Group Initial Speed Check is a simple online assessment designed to help you and your team quantify the key attributes that power successful teams.

So whether you are starting a new team and need to get to know your team members better. Or perhaps you’ve been managing a team for a while and  can see problems arising as you grow,  this  simple assessment  has powerful outcomes that will help you start the conversation.

What is it?

Our Team Speed Check is an anonymous assessment which takes less than 5 minutes and measures how fast your team is executing.  It gives you an objective starting point to measure how your team is doing in relation to purpose, trust, clarity and simplicity and provides a benchmark of where your team sits at a cross-industry level.

What does it give you?

You’ll receive a report summarising your team’s results, this is a simple yet highly effective snapshot of how well your team works together.  It starts the process of bringing the subconscious to the conscious, identifying areas for development.

Who it involves

The whole team as it delivers an aggregate, anonymous report of all members.

“The speed check is great!

We partnered with Amplified to help us retain our fantastic culture and collaborative team spirit which enables us to execute at such a fast pace through our Hyper-Growth.

This is what makes Okta and our Customer First Organisation such a great place to work; something we don’t want to lose!

The Speed Check keeps us honest and is an important part of ensuring we continue to be focused on our team health and effectiveness as we scale.”

Jamie McDonnell – Regional Manager, Customer Success, Okta

Next Steps

Once you’ve received your executive summary, we are on hand to help you move forward.

Every team is different and we offer tailored solutions led by our caring and experienced advisors.  We provide the guidance, the tools and the framework to enable you to create a dynamic team built with the solid foundations needed for growth.

Our goal is to help you build this as muscle memory as  your team grows together and for organisations we work with to enjoy sustainable growth.