Team Acceleration

Have you got a team who knows how to work together effectively?

Why do I need it?

To reduce the time it takes for new team members to reach their maximum productivity. 

According to analysis by Oxford Economics, it takes 28 weeks for a new employee to reach maximum productivity. If your team is growing rapidly you need a way to integrate and develop relationships fast – this is particularly relevant in today’s hybrid working world.  

What is it?

This introductory workshop will bring to the conscious how the team works together; accelerate building trust and team effectiveness.  

Every team is different because people are different. Understanding more about the human dynamics within a team helps to improve the quality of your team experience by building more effective relationships.   

It gives team members, the ability to understand and better communicate with each other.  It helps to decode any differences that arise within teams and provides guidance on how to adapt approaches to get better outcomes.  

The session includes: 

  • Team Speed Check  –  This anonymous 5-minute online assessment measures how fast your team is executing.  It provides an objective starting point to measure how your team is doing in relation to purpose, trust, clarity and simplicity and provides a benchmark of where your team sits at a cross-industry level. 
  • One-day workshop  –  From the Team Speed Check discovery phase, the workshop is designed to help the acceleration of how the team works together. We provide practical exercises on how to build trust and team effectiveness.  

So whether you have new hires that you need to integrate quickly or need to get to know your existing team members better, this Team Acceleration Session is for you. 

What does it give you?

By working better together, you will reduce the time it takes for new team members to reach their maximum productivity.  

  • An introduction to DiSC: Create a map of your team to recognise the different approaches team members have towards work.   
  • A common language for talking about behavioural differences in your team, helping you adapt your approach accordingly. 
  • Practical operating principles that will guide your interactions with one another to work cohesively as a team 
  • Ability to run more productive meetings and projects as a result of what you’ve learned.  

Understanding of human dynamics will help improve the quality of your team experience. We call this TeamX™.   You are on your way to becoming a high-performance team!  

Next Steps

We offer tailored solutions to enable you to create a dynamic team built with the solid foundations needed for growth. 

Our goal is to help you build this as muscle memory as your team grows together and for organisations we work with to enjoy sustainable growth. 

Contact us to book your team workshop.