Team Formula for Success

Team Operating Formula

Discover the team formula for success

People not products are the most important asset in tech today. When you work well together, your team executes at speed and you win the time-based competition. You can:

  • Work smarter together
  • Hit team results faster
  • Keep your top team players
  • Enjoy work

How can your team accelerate speed of execution and productivity through disruptive change periods?

The answer lies in unlocking the combined power of your people to become a healthy, high-performance team. 

Amplified Group Team Formula

Implementing a team operating system that incorporates the four elements of purpose, trust, clarity and simplicity, ensures consistency through a common language of how to work together. In today’s hybrid working world, this needs to be more intentional and deliberate than it was previously.

Why this process works

  • When teams believe in, and are aligned behind a common purpose, they can execute faster.
  • When teams have built trust, they thrive because work becomes a safe place to ask for help, they are able to have healthy conflict and speak up, which means they are much more likely to commit to the plan. 
  • When teams are operating with total claritythere is no room for confusion over what must be achieved. This enables accountability. 
  • Complexity is the enemy of speed of execution. When teams operate with simplicity, speed of execution goes through the roof  to deliver results.

What our clients say

With the Amplified Group framework what we learn is always top of mind so that this all becomes muscle memory. It’s the external point of view that’s really valuable.”

​- Andy Bryars, Director Customer Success EMEA at Okta. Listen to Andy on the Get Amplified podcast: Organisational Fitness = Hyper Growth


A shout out to Vicky Reddington and the Amplified Group for helping me create team psychological safety on the way to having more effective product teams in my last 2 roles. It solves so many problems and empowers the team and me as the PM to actually get my job done.”

– Paul Burke, Strategic Product Management Leader (LinkedIn Comment). Listen to Paul on the Get Amplified podcast: Why Creating Clarity is Vital for Team Productivity


I was just thinking through my business plan for 2023 and realized that a LOT of the things that were stressful in 2022 are no longer pain points for me or the team – and it’s all thanks to the amazing workshop we had with you in Miami. Thanks again for the lasting impact you had on all of us.”

– Rick Palmer​ – Senior Director, Strategic Partner Innovation & Business Development at Appian. (LinkedIn Testimonial)


Change is always hard! Regardless of how much change we seem to encounter it’s always tough to get people to continue to buy into it. Having worked in many Tech Organisations I learnt that ‘Change is the only constant’ early on though it was only here at Okta while we were in Hyper Scaling mode did it really come into a unique clarity! So we got help!! Thanks to the Amplified Group we found a framework that was a literal Game Changer!”

– Jamie McDonnell, Regional Manager Customer Success at Okta (LinkedIn Comment).  Listen to Jamie on Get Amplified: Stepping up – Getting it right from the Start. Jamie McDonnell Manager, Okta Customer Success


I was hugely impressed with Amplified Group and their approach to building more effective teams. As a fairly new team of 10, our aim was to understand each other better and build the foundations to become more productive and agile. The latter can often take time within a university setting and our current ways of working. Amplified Group helped us think outside the boundaries of what we know and apply the learnings from fast-growing teams in the tech sector, who have similar ambitions of delivering at speed and scale. The workshop was delivered excellently – Pippa made us all feel so at ease and got the whole team involved. The agenda was clear, it met our aims for the day and led to a set of actions that we can actually implement quickly.”

Sandro Günther – Head of Student Engagement, University of Southampton (LinkedIn Testimonial)


The Amplified Group have been instrumental in our roll out of Five Dysfunctions workshops across a number of key regions in EMEA. They have supported us with initial training and facilitation and also with assets and recommended approaches to keep the team mindset front and centre. We look forward to continued collaboration.”

Katie Roberts, Head of EMEA Sales Productivity at Splunk (LinkedIn Testimonial)

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