About TeamX 

Think about the best team experience you’ve ever had. What did it feel like?

We believe great TeamX™ not only propels the business forward but helps people enjoy work, feel fulfilled, and be able to make a difference quickly.  

You know what great TeamX feels like when:    

  • You know recognition will go where it should go  
  • Teammates can see you’re frazzled and offer their help without hesitation 
  • You can’t imagine working anywhere else  
  • Other people in your company want to join your team  
  • You know, together, you can overcome anything  
Build Team of Teams

Why now?

Many organisations in the tech industry are experiencing a lot of turmoil. Trying to maintain your pace when there is so much uncertainty is harder than ever.

Your ability to execute at speed remains a direct result of how you work together.  In an era of Customer Experience, User Experience, and Employee Experience, it’s time to focus on Team Experience or as we like to call it TeamX.   

Success is about having a great TeamX and bringing everyone along with you. Having a common purpose, giving everyone a voice, ensuring everyone feels supported and having fun doing it.  

Introducing the Amplified TeamX™ Ambassador Award

The Amplified TeamX Ambassador award is given to exceptional player leaders who live and breathe the values of what it means to lead an unstoppable team. 

Our TeamX Ambassadors have not only taken part in the Amplified Group Train the Trainer workshops but are highly regarded by those they lead for their enduring TeamX practice. 

Values of our Ambassadors

TeamX Ambassadors embody the best of what it means to lead a team – they are humble, kind, nurturing, and continually learning.

TeamX Ambassadors create the team environment where team members flourish and grow.

We could not be more proud of them and the example they set for others. They help carry on the great culture of their company and remind us all what it means to be part of something special. 


Meet our Ambassadors

Jamie McDonnell Manager, Okta EMEA Customer Success

Read why Jamie received the TeamX Ambassador Award

Listen to Jamie in our Get Amplified podcast:

Stepping up – Getting it right from the Start

TeamX Ambassador Logo Jamie McDonnell
TeamX Ambassador Logo Tony Roberts

Tony Roberts Regional Manager, Okta EMEA Customer Success Services 

Listen to Tony in our Get Amplified podcast:

Why Team Bonds Matter And How to Build Them in a Hybrid World

The Future of the TeamX™ Community

We are only just starting out on our mission to change how it feels to work in the tech industry.

We can’t wait to build a community of TeamX Ambassadors where we can all contribute ideas, learnings, coaching tips, and more. 

Could you be a TeamX Ambassador?

Get in touch to find out how to get involved.

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