New Hire Productivity Report

Move over great attrition, bring on great team engagement

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“In a time when attrition rates are continuing to increase, I don’t believe revenue models have adjusted to capture ‘goings and comings’ as well as they used to.”

– Sales Leader Respondee

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New Hire Productivity Report

We’re facing tough times but we’ll be stronger together. It’s survival of the most successful, engaged teams. 

The amount of attrition and change not only has an impact on productivity but on morale and employee engagement. In times of massive change and uncertainty the report leads us to consider, what next? Bring on the great team engagement!  

The New Hire Productivity Report highlights it takes at least 6 months for people to reach full productivity and over 80% of new team members are impacted. What is clear is that the most engaged teams reach full productivity faster.  


Team Engagement Tools

Improving team productivity is achievable by all. It is a skill that can be learnt, just like riding a bike.

Use these exercises in team meetings to accelerate team engagement:

5 Steps to Build an Engaged Team

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Sales leaders are under huge pressure to hit quarterly revenue targets but in today’s economic climate, combined with a 30% employee turnover rate, we explore how to quickly get new salespeople up to full productivity and the role ‘team’ plays in that.

Move over Great Attrition – Bring on Great Engagement

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