2022 Tech Leader Survey Report

Are Tech Organisations winning the war on talent and executing at speed?

At the Amplified Group, we recognise the tech industry is powered by people. We believe that success is dependent on having a deliberate focus on the human element enabling organisations to build unstoppable teams.

To understand the current state of the industry, we ran our second Tech Leaders Survey and received over 400 responses.  We wanted to find out if the results we were seeing through our Team Speed Check with our clients was a trend felt by others in the industry.

The findings reveal that, more than ever, executing at speed is at risk if tech organisations do not recognise that people power the industry.

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“For all of us, this report sheds much needed clarity, delivering both good news and some that should be concerning. It provides both a mirror to our own efforts, and a window through which we can see a brighter future.”

-Paul Wiefels, Managing Director – The Chasm Group, LLC

Based on the principles of purpose, trust, clarity, and simplicity, we asked our leaders to tell us to what extent they agreed with each of these statements:

  1. I am inspired to go the extra mile because I have purpose
  2. Failures and mistakes are treated as lessons
  3. I clearly understand how my team contributes to our company’s goals
  4. There is trust and belief that the best ideas win
  5. We don’t have lots of competing priorities

Our survey has looked at all aspects of how people in the tech industry perceive their workplace culture. We have identified the elements that are working well and where there are working practices and behaviours that may be slowing the organisation down and resulting in greater rates of attrition.

The findings clearly show the tech industry is still in a crisis of prioritisation.

Watch our 1-minute video summary: A Crisis of Prioritisation – YouTube

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