The Art of Inclusive Leadership

Get Amplified podcast with Mark Murphy, Cisco - Inclusive leadership

Using Our Elbows … The Art of Inclusive Leadership with Mark Murphy, Director Global Partner Marketing at Cisco 

How do we make space in our work life for everyone to have a voice? What better person to speak to than Mark Murphy, Director of Global Partner Marketing at Cisco on the Get Amplified podcast.

Mark shares his experience of fostering and supporting a culture of inclusivity at Cisco. One of Mark’s many great roles involved co-leading the Cisco Pride and LGBTQ+ global community. His story is not just about leadership, but also about fostering respect, truth-telling, and positive intent in the workplace.

We love the analogy of using our elbows to make space – about using our voices and clearing space so that everyone can be heard and feel valued.

Mark’s story isn’t merely about leadership; it’s about fostering respect, truth-telling, and positive intent in the workplace. These elements, he believes, are crucial in driving efficiency and effectiveness in the fast-paced tech industry, every single day. It’s a team sport – all the way to the customer. 

Inclusive leadership involves making space for others and using one’s power and voice to create an environment where everyone feels valued and heard. By acknowledging and appreciating diversity, leaders can foster a culture of respect and positive intent, which in turn promotes innovation and growth. 

In the tech industry, teamwork is essential. Mark’s approach emphasizes the importance of including individuals who bring different perspectives and experiences to the table. This diversity of thought can lead to more innovative solutions, improved decision-making, and better business outcomes. 

Key Takeaways 

Mark story is a testament to the power of inclusive leadership in the corporate world. His key takeaways – think outside of yourself, have a plan, and be kind – are not only valuable life lessons but also essential principles for effective leadership. By embracing diversity and fostering an environment of respect and positive intent, we can make the corporate world a more inclusive and productive space. 

It’s a positivity fuelled episode. We hope you enjoy listening as much as we clearly did recording it! 


0:10 Inclusion Journeys and Leadership at Cisco 

4:50 Making Space 

21:44 Tech Industry Leadership and Team Collaboration 

32:46 Speed and Authenticity in Tech Industry 

40:30 Closing comments 

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