The Era of Team Experience

Blog by Pippa Hutchinson, Amplifier and Consultant

The Era of Team Experience

In an era of Customer Experience, User Experience, and Employee Experience, it’s time to focus on Team Experience. Powerful and game changing, it’s a no brainer for me so I’ve written a few words on why I think that.

I’ve been lucky enough to work with some very talented and capable people over the years who together have created blisteringly good teams. The most productive teams I ever worked in were knee deep in tough trading environments, with big targets to achieve, surrounded by shark like competitors eager to steal our business. Working with a sense of urgency and a laser like focus was table stakes for us.

There wasn’t a conscious plan to make those teams high performance, we naturally formed close working connections because we spent so much time together, (although not with the best work life balance it has to be said).

Always time poor, we nailed down very quickly what was required, who by and when and got on with it. We had ‘Agile’ written through our core.

Those teams were without a doubt high performance but sustainably so. – I’m not so sure!

I joined the Amplified Group two years ago because from the moment I learned how Amplified helps to build sustainable high performance teams, I was hooked! I could see so clearly that this approach had been missing in the companies I’ve known over the years.

TeamX Formula for SuccessIt makes total sense to me that business success is determined as much by HOW people work together as much as what they work on, and that’s why I love the Amplified approach so much.

In an era of Customer Experience, User Experience, and Employee Experience, Team Experience is just as important! (We call it TeamX™)


Amplified has a compelling mission to unlock the power of teams to make work more rewarding for everyone and deliver outstanding results – over and over, and over again!

A New Perspective on Team Productivity

In this podcast episode, my fellow Amplifier – Vicky, and I delve into the inner workings of high-performance teams, offering an insiders view of what propels and sustains these powerhouses. We dig deep into the dynamics of highly productive teams, who are not just aligned and collaborative, but also exhibit a strong sense of belonging.

We also talk about our Team Speed Check tool and how we use it to measure the current speed of execution of the team we’re working with against the industry benchmark before kickstarting the plan!

This tool measures your teams execution prowess across four key pillars: purpose, trust, clarity, and simplicity.

We also dissect common red flags like high clarity and low trust, and the deceptive phenomenon of artificial harmony. Prepare to shift your perspective as we underscore the importance of simplicity as a mindset and the power of every voice being heard.

If you’re struggling with team productivity,  being asked to do more with less or even flat headcount, then we have some answers.

Listen to the Podcast

A New Perspective on Team Productivity podcast with Vic and Pip

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