The Importance of a Great Team Experience

The Importance of a Great Team Experience.

Find out why Vicky Reddington is so passionate about great team experience and why we do what we do at the Amplified Group

Vicky, tell us a bit about yourself

I’ve grown up in the IT industry leading European and worldwide teams at Citrix and VMware.

After 20 years of building my knowledge and experience, it seemed a natural transition for me to co-found the Amplified Group  to help other organisations in the tech industry navigate the highs and lows of growing at speed.

I love working in a team and collaborating. I’m so proud of our team of Amplifiers.

“At the Amplified Group we know what a great team experience feels like and we’ve seen the incredible results in can deliver. However, we also know how fragile it is – so it mustn’t be taken for granted and it must have continuous maintenance.”

What does the Amplified Group do?

We enable tech organisations to execute faster through the power of people working together!

How do you do it?

By identifying and addressing the issues that are getting in the way of teams executing at speed.

If companies are already strong in these areas but are growing fast there are bound to be issues along the way. How would they know if, or when, there is a real problem?

Fast growth can be exhilarating and a bit chaotic at times but there are some symptoms which, if addressed, can enable the company to really achieve its full potential.

Typical warning signs include:

1.     Difficulty keeping everyone together when they are all apart.

2.     It’s harder to get things done so we’re going slower.

3.     Politics are creeping in, too many side conversations.

4.     Different priorities between teams and individuals.

5.     Company culture is deteriorating as we grow.

6.     Retaining and recruiting top talent.

7.     Quality of work is suffering.

8.     Failure to achieve Diversity & Inclusion goals.

In short, it is just not as much fun as it should be or used to be!

What does success look like?

Your ability to execute at speed is a direct result of how you work together.

We have coined a phrase to describe it … we call it TeamX™ or TX for short.

Great TeamX™ looks and feels like this:The Importance of a Great Team Experience

  • TX is when you know together you can overcome anything
  • TX is when team-mates can see you’re frazzled and offer their help without hesitation
  • TX is when other people in your company want to join your team
  • TX is where you can’t imagine working anywhere else
  • TX is when you know recognition will go where it should go

There are a lot of Management Consultants offering services like this. What makes the Amplified Group different?

The first big difference is our approach – we are light on “consultant speak” and big on delivery of practical and measurable outcomes. We use metrics and benchmarks to find the current state and then track progress as changes are implemented.

Secondly, our advisors have exceptional credentials in building and running global teams.

Thirdly, we focus on the particular challenges of growing tech companies with global ambition. We have all come from that background and love working with companies in that space.

And finally, we’ll ensure you can do this on your own by leaving you with the tools and techniques that your team needs to continue to perform at speed long after we have left.

We’ll introduce you to a game changing way to regularly check the health of your team and take corrective actions before they become a bigger problem.

What type of challenges do you come across?

Typically, they come down to how well teams and individuals pull together to achieve common goals. Our experience shows the way to successfully execute faster is to have:

  • PURPOSE: The whole team working together towards one common purpose to achieve collective results
  • TRUST: A safe environment to say what you really think and where you can be vulnerable. The ability to have really robust debate (healthy conflict) where everyone on the team (even the quieter team members) have input into the plan so they are more likely to Commit to decisions
  • CLARITY: If you have clarity it is much easier to hold one another accountable
  • SIMPLICITY: The simpler you keep it the faster you go, bringing everyone with you

Amplified Group Formula

How do you find out what gets in the way of teams performing?

We have a three-step approach called AIM.

ASSESS: Diagnose the extent to which the current team is operating at optimum speed.

IMPLEMENT: Recommend and work with the team to implement specific practical steps to address the issues identified.

MAINTAIN: Put in place a way for the team to measure and manage its own performance on an ongoing basis and turn what they have learnt into muscle memory.

Sounds interesting. What are the next steps?

We offer a quick diagnosis of where your team is currently at across the key areas that influence performance. The results from this assessment allow us to create a tailored solution. Take a Team Speed Check.

If you are interested to find out more, schedule a 15-minute call.

Even if your team is at optimal health, it is important to ensure the culture is maintained to support the growth of the company. To maintain the culture, you have to intentionally focus on it.

An organisation’s investment in its people and the way they work together enables great talent to develop and be empowered to contribute and own new ideas.

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